October 17, 2019
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    December 19, 2018

    The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Jordan joined the event to mark the International Migrants Day 2018 which was held at the King Hussein Foundation on 16 December 2018 in Amman.The event was organized by the Regional Head quarters of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) based in Amman. The Embassy of Sri Lanka together with other human resource exporting countries participated in this commemoration. Several talented Sri Lankan artists who were selected from among garment factory workers performed traditional Sri Lankan dances like Pooja dance and Thelmey dance receiving thundering applause.

    Addressing the gathering, the Chief of Regional IOM, Mr. Enrico Ponziani remarked that migrants around the world contribute to the technological developments, economic activities and cultural enrichements of both their countries of origin and destination. He further stated that many migrants remain strongly connected to their country of origin, sending money back home, but also transferring knowledge and experience when they return.

    In the run-up to this event officials of the IOM met Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Jordan A.L.M. Lafeer. The Ambassador apprised them of the contribution that the Sri Lankan garment factory workers are making to the economy of Jordan and pledged the support of the Sri Lanka Embassy for the success of International Migrants Day -2018.In addition to the Embassy of Sri Lanka, Embassies of Indonesia, Philippines along with Ethiopian and Egyptian migrant communities also participated in this event.


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