February 25, 2020
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    Car registrations rose 225.3% in October

    December 27, 2018

    Sri Lanka’s motor car registrations rose 225.3% (5,496) to 7,935 on a year-on-year (YoY) basis in October, latest official data showed.However, the poor man’s mode of transport, namely bus and three (3) wheeler registrations fell by 27.9% (96) and 8% (180) to 248 and 2,079 respectively in the review period.

     Nonetheless, motorcycle registrations, another mode of transport of the poor; increased by 7.9% (2,293) to 31,156 in the review period. How be it, goods transport vehicles led by lorries fell by 31.8% (317) to 679 in the review period, signifying another hit on the poor, while the other mode of transport of the poor, land vehicles, led by tractors, declined by 11.5% (157) to 1,211 YoY in October.

    Nevertheless, overall; vehicle registrations in October increased by 19.4% (7,273) to 44,848, YoY, aided by dual purpose vehicle registrations increasing by 17.9% (234) to 1,540, YoY in October.Meanwhile, overall vehicle registrations in the first 10 months rose by 10% YoY to 417,881; led by car registrations increasing by 123.5% to 71,796.
    However, bus registrations in the review period declined by 2.6% to 2,631; 3-wheeler registrations decreased by 13% to 17,197; goods transport vehicles fell by 13.7% to 8,201 and land vehicles reduced steeply by 22.9% to 8,398. Further, motorcycle registrations marginally increased by 1.1% YoY to 294,160; in the first 10 months of the year.


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