November 24, 2020
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    Explore the wonders of the Far East with SriLankan Airlines

    September 04, 2014

    SriLankan Airlines, the national carrier of Sri Lanka introduces a range of discounted fares to China, Japan and Singapore, allowing its passengers to experience the vibrant Far East.


    Fly SriLankan to the two most spectacular Chinese cities; Shanghai and Beijing where the hustle and bustle of everyday life blends in picturesquely with the metropolitan charms and ancient architecture.  With water-fronts framed with high-risers and ever green gardens providing ideal relaxing and picture-clicking spots, Shanghai lures visitors to dig deep into the historic architectural traits that adorn the museums and temples and various works of art, displayed at the trinket shops in the bustling allays.


    Beijing, on the other hand, is the dream of every globetrotter, having been the gateway to the much coveted gigantic structure- the Great Wall of China. The city is also home to many ancient architectural marvels such as the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Summer Palace, the latter offering a perfect portrait of the balance and harmony between water and earth. 


    Topping all the breath-taking sights is the culinary experience, China offers a wide variety of dishes and snacks, ranging from savoury to sweet—that can soothe, tease and tantalize any palate. SriLankan currently operates four flights a week to Shanghai and Beijing, offering a hassle-free travel experience to business and leisure travellers.


    This special offer also enables the passenger to explore magnificent Tokyo, one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Asia, where history meets modernity. Tokyo, a city studded with stores that display trendy clothes, accessories, and the latest gadgets, is also a place a hearty theatre-goer will sit down for a grand evening of Kabuki, Noh or a traditional Japanese puppet show.


    With a Disneyland and many Karaoke clubs to keep anyone occupied, Tokyo is also home to many restaurants that serve Japanese delicacies; the artistry and sophistication of which have become a vital part of the Japanese culture. Passengers who wish to explore Japan can now enjoy the convenience of four weekly flights with SriLankan Airlines.



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