December 02, 2022
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    People affected by Nilwala River flooding

    October 30, 2019

    Multiple roads in the Southern Province have inundated due as the water level of the Nilwala River had overspilled its banks, according to latest report.The prevailing adverse weather condition has affected the daily activities in the area and Mulatiyana-Kamburupitiya main road, Akuressa-Kamburupitiya road, Matara-Kamburupitiya road, Kadduwa-Kamburupitiya road have inundated as the Kirama Ara, a tributary of the Nilwala River, overflowed.

    It is also reported that the entrance to the Kamburupitiya Base Hospital has been blocked by the floodwater on the road to Mulatiyana.Sapugoda, Kamburupitiya and Godawa areas have also been affected by the floodwaters as the Lenabatuwa Lake is overflowing.Nilwala River has overspilled its banks from Panadugama area and as a result, Akuressa-Siyambalagoda road has flooded while Athuraliya-Kadduwa road was also affected.

    A large number of byroads in these areas have also inundated owing to the flood situation.Matara District Secretariat has launched measures to provide reliefs to the people affected by the inclement weather.Meanwhile, all government schools in Hambantota District and Mulatiyana zone were closed today (30) taking the existing emergency situation into consideration.

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