July 05, 2020
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    Govt. will never curb the rights of children - PM

    October 04, 2014

    Prime Minster, Dr.D.M.Jayaratne says that the Government will never curb the rights of children who are the future of our country but will appear for their rights.


    Prime Minister stated that, although it is said that rights of the children are being deprived, will always line up to  protect their rights since it is a social as well as a national responsibility.


    Festival to celebrate World’s Children’s Day jointly organized by Catholic  Unit of the President’s Office and Children’s Foundation for National and Religious Unity was held on October 01 at the Christ Church Auditorium, Colombo.


    Addressing the gathering after the pageant presented by the differently abled children, Prime Minister stated further as follows.


    “We should not abandon these children since they are disabled.  We should afford them all the rights similar to the other children.  His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapakse has took action to widen the rights and standard of living environment of the children allocating provisions through various fields.


    They should not be cornered due to their nationality and religion, as well.  We should consider them as the children of our country whether they are disabled, with lower income, not able to speak the language, or having various deficiencies. The government has right to appear as the actual owners of the children, although the parents are their guardians.  Therefore we formulate acts and bills for the rights of the children, more frequently.  I invite you all to join together to serve on behalf of the rights of the children without being cling to the rules.


    All religions in this country speak of co-existence.  We can berng our children on to the correct path by stabilizing  that co-existence.  Teachers, parents as well as the society should act to achieve that.  A noble person cannot be able to condemn a nation religiously, culturally or socially.  It is the religion that makes a human a skilful and virtuous.  Indisputably, we accept that all the religions are civilized.  We should spearhead to protect the rights of the children morally as well as religiously.


    Ven.Kamburugamuwe Vajira Thera stated “We should keep hopes of securing the children.  Attention should be drawn to fulfill the aspirations of children when a country is being taking towards the development.  Not like in the past, today’s children have many challenges to face.


    Many people consider that the children are commodities since their values have been given an economical  value.  Therefore we should take action to prevent such a situation”


    Expressing his views Rev.Darashanapathi Sarath Hettiarachchi stated “This occasion was organized with the intention of joining  all the children in the country.  We took  action to join many children to this programme irrespective of race, creed and age.  We should prevent the loneliness face by children due to the competitive economical  system.  Rights of the children should be protected as the same way we take action to protect the rights of the elders.  Many organizations in Sri Lanka as well as around the world appear for the rights of the children”.


    Religious representatives including Ven.Galagama Dammarassi Thera, Co-ordinating Secretary, Buddhist Affairs, President’s Office, Clergy, Seyya Hassen Sharma, Co-ordinating Secretary, Muslim Affairs, President’s Office, Clergy Kurukkul Banu Sharma, Mr.Tissa Karaliyadda, Minister of Child Development and Women’s Affairs, parents and a large number of children were present at the occasion.


    Prime Minister, Dr.D.M.Jayaratne is seen presenting an award to a school girl who won a prize  from Merit Evaluation  Competition for school children organized island wide in parallel to the World Children’s Day celebrations.

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