October 23, 2020
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    Sri Lanka to set up first ever Special Agricultural Zones in 2015

    October 06, 2014

    With the Government's aim of propagating integrated development in the farm sector, Sri Lanka’s first ever Special Agricultural Zones (SAZ) are slated to come up next year covering 3,000 acres in the three districts of the Eastern Province.


    Under the program, agriculture infrastructure in the province will be further expanded, benefitting the farming community which is 80 percent of the total population in the East.With the setting up of SAZ infrastructure such as rural roads, markets, agro-processing equipment, food processing factories and irrigation schemes, new technology are to be developed. through SAZ's it is aimed to encourage farm owners to become professionals, to promote safe agriculture, encourage and to introduce new ideas to rural villages nd thereby develop rural economy.


    The SAZ’s concept will strive to safeguard the quality environment of agricultural production, bring into play the advantages of local industry, adjust the structure of production and marketing, and increase the efficiency and benefits of agricultural businesses.


    The SAZ’s are expected to attract both local and foriegn investors creating new opportunities for farmers, businesses in addition to employment creation.

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