September 30, 2022
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    Universal Relationship of a Sri Lakan Opera "Panamura Kunchanadaya"

    April 29, 2014

    "Panamura Kunchanadaya” opera will be held at the Nelum Pokuna Theater on May 30 and 31 & June 01. The event is an outcome of three years comprehensive research on music and the story of ‘Panamure Tusker’.


    Inspired by the tragic incident of killing the heroic tusker of “Panamura”, in the early 50’s composer/musician “Navarathna Gamage” had researched this significant phenomenon and found its relationship with the nature and human civilization. “Panamura” musical opera is the result of his research and it is musical and theatrical interpretation of rhythmic and universal balance between forest, nature and history of human civilization. Concept and message of this opera is highly spiritual and ecological in its expression and interpretation and it has a mass appeal to global citizens.


    To enhance this spiritual and ecological expression, composer and creator of this opera utilizes various musical traditions and styles such as Western Classical, North Indian, Carnatic, Jazz, Sri Lankan folk with traditional dance and stylized movements, modern dance movements, realistic theatre and ballet. A perfect blend of all these musical and dramatic forms; “Panamura” opera will appear as a modern oriental opera with universal appeal. This universal relationship is beautifully evident in the last spectacular scene where whole lot of wind instrumentalists belongs to different musical traditions of the world will appear on stage and play the single thematic melody that symbolizes the harmony of the spirit of dead tusker and nature. 


    With its theme, concept and form “Panamura Kunchanadaya” opera will perfectly touch the various world musical and cultural element with Sri Lankan identity and humanist approach towards nature and man.


    'Panamura Kunchanadaya 'web launch also will be held on 8th  May at 5.30 in the BMICH 'Kamatha'. 



    panamura kunchanadaya

    panamura kunchanadaya

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