April 01, 2023
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    Raids on food outlets islandwide

    December 15, 2014

    The Ministry of Health has widened its raids on food outlets island-wide to prevent vendors selling substandard food to consumers for the festive season.

    Following the circular from the Food Administration Unit of the Health Ministry raids are carried out on all food outlets for the festive season. The Ministry has deployed food inspectors to the 330 MOH areas islandwide. They will pay special attention on popular food served at this time of the year as well as cake ingredients such as flour, raisins, cherries, sugar, flavouring, colouring and additives.


    The PHIU will also direct food handlers in all eating outlets to get themselves medically examined by a Western medicine qualified practitioner. This is compulsory under the amended Gazette of 2012. Prepared food and shorteats will also come under close scrutiny and Ministry will also visit bakeries and places where food is prepared, to inspect their kitchens and ensure that the food served to customers is prepared under hygienic conditions.


    Any complaints about substandard food should be made to the nearest PHI or the PHIU office on 0712635675 and the Ministry calls upon the public to be especially vigilant when purchasing ready-made fruit drinks and packeted foods. Check the dates of manufacture and expiry dates on all your purchases.


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