December 02, 2022
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    Danushka Ramanayake assume duties as Working Director of ITN

    January 26, 2015
    The Independent Television Network (ITN) will not be made a tool of the government said Danushka Ramanayake. assuming duties as the Working Director of ITN.  He assured to work together with the Board of Directors as well as the Management in making it an independent media institution without using the institution as a tool of the government.
    He also noted that otr of the four organizations ITN, Lakhanda Radio, Wasantham Radio and Wasantham FM ,affiliated to the Independent Television Network  only one is viable.  He pledged to work towards uplifting the other three organizations.
    The Most Venerable Mahanayaka of Amarapura Shri Dharmarakshitha Maha Nikaya Rajakeeya Panditha Tirikunamale Ananda Thero, Chairman of ITN Ganganath Dissanayake, Board of Directors and the staff were present.
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