July 19, 2019
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    Hospital Visit of the Commander & Customary Tea Table Mark New Year Spirits at AHQ

    April 17, 2015

    The customary Sinhala and Tamil New Year get-together at the Army Headquarters (AHQ) in the wake of the dawn of the New Year got underway Thursday (16) morning with Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva, Commander of the Army gracing the occasion as the Chief Guest.


    The inauguration of the day’s event saw the traditional oil lamp lighting by the Chief Guest, accompanied by Deputy Chief of Staff, Adjutant General and a few other senior officers before the commencement of the partaking of the customary tea table, filled with typical New Year food varieties and other sweetmeats.


    Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva during refreshments took time off to speak to all rankers present at the event and shared a couple of views with them on matters of professional interest.   


    Minutes after the tea table, the Commander straightaway went to the Military Hospital at Narahenpita with a view to inquiring into the well-being of Army inmates receiving treatment in the hospital.


    Major General Sanjeewa Munasinghe, Director General of Army Health Services, received the visiting Commander on arrival at the premises and conducted him to the wards where Army personnel are under treatment.

    Lieutenant General De Silva attentively listened to the patients, confined to bed and inquired into their health and other requirements, if any during his pauses in the wards. At the same time, the Commander of the Army gave away a stock of New Year gifts to the inmates as compliments of the season.   


    Before his departure from the premises, the Commander spoke to all officers and members of the hospital management staff at the auditorium where he urged the hospital staff to work harder and commit dedicatedly for the promotion of health among Army personnel and their families in the coming year.


    The visiting Commander during his address to the hospital staff also appealed everyone to maintain the highest levels of discipline in the performance of their duties since it mirrors the dignity and the reputation of the organization one serves. (Army)

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