March 20, 2019

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    I have not stolen from Samurdhi like the previous regime - Minister Sajith Featured

    May 11, 2015

    Minister of Housing & Samurdhi Sajith Premadasa said a program has been implemented where ownership of the resources of the country are being transferred to the people.

    The minister expressed these views while attending a ceremony to declare open a drinking water scheme in Peranibeddewa, Sooriyawewa on Sunday (May10th).


    Speaking at the event Minister Sajith Premadasa said, " We saw the former President saying Sajith premadasa is also going around giving benefits from the samurdhi to people who are not samurdhi beneficiaries.He asks why only Basil has been imprisoned and why Sajith is also not imprisoned".


    Minister Premadasa pointed out that the previous regime stole 63 million rupees of the Samurdhi beneficiaries money in the run up to the presidential election adding that he had not stolen 5.1 million from Samurdhi beneficiaries to print leaflets and also 30 million from Samurdhi beneficiaries to purchase decorations and flagpoles.


    "What I have undertaken is a relief programme and I have not stolen money", he added.


    The Minister also attended an event held in Iththademaliya, Weeraketiya on Saturday, where concessionary loans were presented to 150 low income families.


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