September 22, 2021
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    SAARC workshop on climate change begins tomorrow

    November 29, 2017

    Scholars, the government representatives from the SAARC region, policy makers and military veterans from South Asian countries will meet in Colombo from 30th November to 1st December, 2017, to discuss a range of climate change effects and the regional response at an international workshop.


    The workshop is organized by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Regional Project Energy security and Climate Change Asia-Pacific (RECAP) (Hong Kong), Consortium of South Asian Think Tanks (Nepal) and Institute of National Security Studies, Sri Lanka.


    Experts from Europe and the US will also share the experience and debates in their home countries. The workshop is titled 'Climate Change and Resources Security: Challenges for Security and the Security Sector in South Asia'.


    "Climate change and its impacts are regional and global events. Mitigation and adaption can therefore only be successful by regionally coordinated efforts. South Asia is a good example as climate change has already severe cross-border effects," Hong Kong's Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Regional Project Energy Security and Climate Change Director Dr. Peter Hefele said.


    "This platform is for a regional dialogue and to develop ideas for increased understanding and shared efforts among the member states of SAARC."


    Delegates from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Singapore, Germany and Australia are expected to attend the conference.


    The workshop will focus on the challenges and effects of climate change on national and regional security in South Asia, with particular emphasis on the role of the military forces and security sector. 

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