December 06, 2019
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    Human society guided by Prophet’s divine teachings - PM Featured

    November 09, 2019

    Prophet Muhammad, who is described as the last messenger of God in Islam, was among the religious leaders who had a profound influence on humanity. He dedicated his entire life to build a society based on peace, reconciliation and compassion, states Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in his Milad Un Nabi message.

    The message: “His unwavering commitment in teaching his followers the importance of brotherhood, social harmony and charity in order to lead a blessed life is truly exemplary. His words and actions today guide the 1.8 billion adherents of Islam across the world.
    “Prophet Muhammad showed that living a virtuous life in accordance with God’s teachings would lead to happiness. He believed that human society should be guided by the divine teachings. His own life was an example of how spirituality could overcome our baser instincts.“On this occasion, as Muslims around the world celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad, I wish of them all success in building the righteous society he sought. I also urge them to collectively combat all forms of hatred and extremism so that his true teachings will prevail.
    “I wish the Muslim community a happy Milad-Un-Nabi filled with divine blessings”

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