April 08, 2020
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    Government services limited with the aim of reducing public gathering

    March 16, 2020

    The government if further focussed on reducing the public from gathering in greater numbers in order to bring the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic under control.Accordingly, several decisions have been taken with regard to the courts and the prisons which will come into effect from tomorrow (17).


    A meeting of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) was held today to consider taking preventive measures with relation to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and a decision was taken to issue directions to all judges and judicial officers regarding the cases that are to be taken up in open court from 17th March to 20th.  

    All cases to be taken up in the commercial High Courts and District Courts will not be taken up in the Open Court and all cases that are to be taken up in open court from 17th March to 20th March will be rescheduled and the new dates will be notified during the first week of April, 2020

    The circular stated that  hearings will be restricted to urgent and essential matters based on the applications of the parties concerned.

    The Commission notified that this will be effective in the High Courts and Magistrate’s Courts.

    Public gatherings at prison premises would also be restricted. All measures have been taken to ensure the smooth functioning of all bank, commercial and trade  activities.

    Meanwhile, based on the directives of the president the Corona prevention task force has been established at No. 1090 Sri Jayawardenapura Mawatha, Rajagiriya.

    The Government has taken all possible steps to ensure the smooth functioning of all public activities without any hindrance. Hence, taking into consideration the situation that has arisen regarding the Coronavirus, the government appealed to the public to extend their fullest cooperation for the government efforts in order to successfully control the spread of the Coronavirus.

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