July 24, 2019
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    National Eye Hospital warns of rapidly spreading eye infection Featured

    June 08, 2015

    The National Eye Hospital warned Sri Lankans that an eye infection was spreading rapidly in the country and around one hundred affected patients were seeking treatment at the Eye Hospital daily.

    Director National Eye Hospital Dr. Sanath de Silva said that conjunctivitis was caused by a virus and lasted about two to three days. Red eyes, pain in eyes, discharge of mucus, tearing and head ache are the main symptoms.


    The patients should seek medical treatment from a qualified eye specialist or from the eye unit of any state hospital. It lasts for three or four days during which patients should avoid going to crowded places, travel in buses etc.


    He urged the public to avoid crowded places, wash hands with soap after returning from work and school and to use alcohol based sanitiers when washing hands. He also said by avoiding touching the face and covering the face with a handkerchief before sneezing and coughing can help prevent the spread of infection.


    Dr. De Silva said that eye infection was a common occurrence n the country during May, June and July of every year.



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