November 14, 2019
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    Pay attention towards security of children and welfare of elders - Prime Minister

    October 01, 2015

    It is paramount on our part to pay increasing attention towards the security of children and the welfare of elders at a time when harassment against children is daily increasing in society and the destitution of elders has become a social problem as we celebrate Universal Childrens and Elders Day, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said in a message to mark Children's and Elders' Day.

    The message:


    "We should protect and safeguard children by understanding their mindset, treating them with loving care, safeguarding them against suffering and pressure directed from society and family and strengthening them to face challenges of life.


    "Safeguarding children against disasters and abuse has become a grave responsibility cast on parents and elders. All parties, including the government, media, religious dignitaries and the community are all shareholders of this responsibility and accountability.


    "Recent incidents prove that sexual abuse against children has become a grave social catastrophe. An extensive programme should be launched to eliminate sexual unrest in society, widen sex education, provide a proper understanding of gender and develop cultural and moral values among people.


    "Improvement of welfare services to safeguard elderly people and building a socio-economic background that would strengthen family ties are the challenges facing us.


    "I request all citizens to join hands with the programme launched by the government towards achieving this goal."

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