December 09, 2019
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    President asks work to promote and protect peace and harmony Featured

    June 04, 2019

    President Maithripala Sirisena while condemning extremism and terrorism yesterday said the country will be in peril, if clashes erupt among communities. “All must work prudently and commit themselves to protecting and promoting the peace and harmony among various communities,” the President said.He said that all should work intelligently by giving thought to the current situation faced by the country.

    “All possible steps would be taken as a government to quell the present situation in the country in a peaceful manner,” he said. The President was speaking at the National Ifthar Ceremony held at President’s House in Colombo yesterday evening. He said that ethnic harmony will be elusive if suspicion persists among each other.
    The President added that the government is committed to building a nation where people of all communities can live in peace and harmony. He refuted reports that thousands of Muslims are being held by the Security Forces as part of investigations into the Easter Sunday terror attacks. “I ordered a report over the persons who have been held in connection with the Easter Sunday attacks.According to this report, only 559 Muslims have been detained for further questioning,” the President added.
    President Sirisena said that he has already issued directives to the authorities concerned to ensure the release of those who do not have any involvement in the Easter Sunday terror attacks after investigations. Islamic leaders commended the efforts of the President to protect the dignity of all religions and communities. Speaker Karu Jayasuriya and Ministers, Members of diplomatic community and businessmen were present.


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