September 15, 2019
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    Hindu Priests invoke blessings on the President for Diwali

    October 22, 2014

    A ceremony to invoke blessings on the President in view of Deepawali festival which fell today was held at Temple Trees this afternoon.

    The priests of Hindu Kovils performed rfituals and invoked blessings on the Head of State.  Minister Douglas Devananda was present on the occasion.


    Kurukkal Jegatheeswara, Kurukkal Babu Sharma , Kurukkal Narayan, Kurukkal S.Sivanesa, Kurukkal H.Gobi Sanrama, Kurukkal S.M.Agesh, Kurukkal Raja Raja, Kurukkal N.Shanmuganadan, Kurukkal S.Sundaralingam, Kurukkal S.Srikran Aigar, Gajan Sharma, Ragam Sharma, K.Ana Sharma were also present on the occasion. (KH)


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