November 20, 2019
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    Special Police Unit to deal with religious activities Featured

    April 24, 2014

    “We cannot allow unlawful activities by any religious group and I have discussed this issue with the IGP and instructed him to set up a special unit to deal with such incidents,” President Mahinda Rajapaksa said.

    Addressing the editors of the print and electronic media at the Temple Trees today (April 24), President said he had instructed the Inspector General of police to set up a special police unit to deal with complaints regarding religious activities.


    “There are many incidents of religious groups resorting to unlawful acts. We cannot allow anybody to break the law. When a group from one religion levels accusations, the other religious groups also try to reply to the charges in a similar manner. This could lead to religious disharmony,” he said and added that he would call all these sections to discuss this as it is essential to find an early solution.


    The President said trained police personnel would be deployed to the Special Police Unit to take quick remedial action when a complaint is received on such disruptive activities by any group.


    Answering a question on alleged construction of houses inside the Wilpattu Wildlife Sanctuary, President Rajapaksa said nobody is allowed to construct buildings inside a sanctuary and if there are such constructions they should be immediately dismantled. “The relevant authorities would ascertain if these constructions are inside the sanctuary and take action accordingly. I have even prevented a road built across Wilpattu being metalled and tarred as it would harm the preservation of flora and fauna,” he said.


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