September 26, 2020
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    Kusal Janith Perera Recalled

    December 08, 2015

    Sri Lankan wicket-keeper/batsman Kusal Perera was withdrawn from the New Zealand tour squad after being tested positive for a banned substance.

    A media release from Sri Lanka Cricket states, "SLC has been advised that a sample provided by Kusal Janith Perera for a random testing carried out by the ICC during the recent Pakistani Tour, has yielded a positive result for a banned substance. In view of this and in terms of the applicable ICC Regulations, SLC has recalled Perera from New Zealand".


    The release further states, "SLC will  take all steps required to have a further sample tested and make every endeavor to enable Kusal Janith Perera to resume playing cricket at the earliest opportunity in compliance with the ICC Regulations.


    Kaushal Silva will be traveling to NZ to replace Kusal Janith Perera in New Zealand.

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