October 20, 2019
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    Opposition Leader’s Easter Message

    April 16, 2017

    It is my joy to extend greetings to all those celebrating Easter in Sri Lanka.

    Easter marks a celebration of hope for all Christians. It is a time, as such, to look back at the past, evaluate the present, and look forward with hope to the future.


    Jesus Christ embodies the need for love, peace, and reconciliation among all people. His life also marked a devotion to justice and a commitment to uplift the marginalized and the downtrodden in society.


    It is my hope that as a nation, following the life and example of Jesus, we would strive this Easter to strengthen the bonds of unity among the different communities and break down the barriers of distrust among us. We are presently at a crucial juncture in our country’s history. I call upon all Sri Lankans, therefore, in the true spirit of Easter, to rise to the challenge, join hands, and work towards creating a future that is marked by justice, peace, hope, and reconciliation for all our people.


    R. Sampanthan

    Leader of the Opposition – Parliament of Sri Lanka

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