September 19, 2019
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    'Bakmaha Ulela' at the Panagoda Army Cantonment Featured

    April 12, 2018

    Heralding in the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, a traditional 'Bakmaha Ulela' (Traditional festival games and merry making event) was held at the Panagoda Army Cantonment on Tuesday (10th April). The traditional Sinhala and Tamil New Year falls on Saturday (14).

    According to Army media, hundreds of Army personnel serving at the Army Headquarters (AHQ) attended the 'Bakmaha Ulela 2018' held at the 4 Sri Lanka Artillery grounds the whole day, yesterday. The event was held under the patronage of the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake.

    Giving precedence to time held customs, a variety of traditional games and competitions, including Raban playing, tug-of-war, pillow-fights, grease pole climbing, selection of the 'Avurudu Kumari' (New Year Princess) and the 'Avurudu Kumaraya' (New Year Prince), placing the eye on the elephant, bun-eating, slow cycling, marathon runs, fancy dress parades and obstacle races etc.

    At the end of the day's events the Army Commander also joined in to give away prizes to the winners of the competitions. A large number of Officers, Other Rank personnel, civil employees and invitees were present at the occasion.

    Meanwhile, 'Bakmaha Ulela' programmes were also held in many other places across the country including the Northern region. One such programme was held at the Iranamadu tank bunds on Monday (09) by the Security Forces Headquarters - Kilinochchi.

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