December 03, 2022
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    Red Bull Outriggd in Sri Lanka, a unique and exciting challenge

    March 28, 2019

    This April, Red Bull is gearing up to bring Sri Lanka yet another innovative contest like never before. Celebrating the Sinhala and Tamil New Year or the Aluth Avurudu in a unique way, Red Bull Outriggd is set to bring fun, frolic, and competition to the festivities.The age-old sport of out-rigger boat racing is one amongst the many competitive events keenly contested in waterfront villages and regions of the island. In the city, New Year out-rigger racing has all but become a legend told by the old to the young. Shaking things up, Red Bull now launches Red Bull Outriggd to fuel passion and inspire a nation by taking a homegrown sport to the world.

    On April 7 at Diyatha Uyana, more than 150 participants will contest in the ultimate out-rigger racing event. Red Bull Outriggd has three contest categories, namely a Men’s category with 1 athlete per boat, a Men’s category with 2 athletes per boat, and a Women’s category with 2 athletes per boat. A challenging obstacle layout lies ahead for every contestant, culminating in an adventurous 400m race.

    Bringing communities together and igniting the passion for unique adventure sports amongst Sri Lankans, Red Bull Outriggd is drawing the attention of a variety of contestants. From corporates to villages bordering waterfronts, this distinctive event further appeals to adventure-seekers, sports lovers, Paddle Associations, students, and even festival-goers who wish to indulge in the festivities of the occasion! Red Bull Outriggd is more than just a contest; the event is a competition and celebration with side activities for every participant and viewer. Attendees will revel in watching a Dragon Boat exhibition race, 8+(eights) Rowing Boats, partake in unique Avurudu, activities, with musical entertainment setting the tone for the day.

    This year, Red Bull Outrigged launches with the ultimate vision in mind. The contest and festival are set to become a much-anticipated event for Sri Lankans across the country to look forward to each year during the Avurudu season, creating the perfect family outing, and cultivating an ambience that serves as a tourist attraction during the holidays, whilst simultaneously kindling a passion for adventure sports.

    From participants in nearby villages to seasoned sports lovers across the country, Red Bull Outriggd will serve as a thrilling event to partake in this New Year. Shining a light on the long-forgotten sport of out-rigger boat racing, Red Bull Outriggd is geared to spark international interest and ultimately draw in an audience that is both global and Sri Lankan, bringing communities together and taking out-rigger racing to the world.

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