October 17, 2019
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    Lunar eclipse visible Tomorrow

    April 03, 2015

    There will be a lunar eclipse visible to Sri Lanka on Saturday (04) with the moon rising from the eastern horizon around 6.18 pm and lasting till 7.15 pm. The eclipse begins at 2.31 p.m. Sri Lanka Standard Time and will end at 8.29 p.m. Since it occurs mostly during day time for Sri Lanka only the latter part of the eclipse is visible as a partial lunar eclipse.

    After 7.15 pm with the moon entering into the penumbra - the less dark shadow of the Earth, no eclipse would be visible except little dimming of the moon light. The eclipse ends at 8.29 p.m. with the moon leaving the penumbral part of the eclipse, Prof. Chandana Jayaratne of the Physics Department, University of Colombo says.


    The total eclipse will be visible to people in parts of North America, New Zealand and Australia and eastern Asia.


    The full eclipse lasting for less than five minutes is considered the shortest lunar eclipse of the 21st century, according to Prof. Jayaratne.

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