January 28, 2020
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    Mirissa and its breathtaking sandy beach

    April 15, 2015

    Mirissa and its breathtaking sandy beach pretty much transforms your dreams and visions of a tropicalmirissa 3 paradise into an everyday reality.


    Mirissa boasts a safe, gently sloping beach where the sea is free from rocks, with coconut palms growing right to the edge of the sand as if in imitation of a postcard of the perfect tropical beach.



    Located close to the Southern tip of the Island of Sri Lanka.This secluded crescent shaped beach is the perfect place to sit back, relax and forget about all the hussle and bussle of your other life that’s a million miles away.This small sandy tropical beach boasts some of Sri Lanka’s best and most stunning sunsets and sunrises.

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    Mirissa BeachIn the morning time you are greeted by gentle colourful sunrises and then the sun crosses directly overhead throughout the day finally ending up give you a breathtaking and memorable sunset.


    Each evening at sunset Mother nature offers you something different, one night the sunset could be fiery red and then the next it can the most beautiful pastel pink.


    Many people grab a cool beer, bring restaurant chairs out onto the sand and sit and watch in awe at the array of colours as the sun sets behind the coconut trees on the hill.


    The shoreline is blanketed with coconut trees and all the buildings and the places to stay in Mirissa are set back from the shore giving you the feeling that you are on a totally deserted beach somewhere.


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    About 95% of the beach is sandy and rock free. The rocky bits are at both ends so if its snorkeling or surfing that you like then head there.


    The area around Parrot Rock on your left side is particularally popular with snorkellers while the right side of Mirissa Beach is rapidly becoming a popular surfing hot spot.


    All the Guest Houses in Mirissa are set back from the actual beach giving you the impression that you are on a deserted palm fringed island. Every now and again the silence is broken by the sound of a coconut falling on the sand or a chilled beer being opened by someone further up the beach.


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