February 27, 2021
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    MHT conference concludes

    August 05, 2016

    A recently discovered phenomenon called ‘Magneto-Hydro-Tropism’ has been striving  to bring a ‘new-age-climax’ to the world of scientific concepts, by carrying out the first experimentation of exposing plasma and other object-testers to approximately 1.2 Tesla at an altitude of over 4,000 feet from the ground level in May 2016  It was discovered by Prof. Aurangzeb Hafi of Pakistan.

    A systematic assessment of MHT discovery is underway in different scholarly segments and academic orbits within the SAARC region and outside, to evaluate the potential multidisciplinary impacts of MHT. To determine MHT phenomenon impacts, the results are categorized into four principal aspects; study of the magnetic field effects at molecular, cellular, sub-cellular and systems level.


    A three day scientific confab titled ‘1st South Asian Interdisciplinary Scientific Confab on MHT Discovery’ was concluded recently in Sri Lanka. Organized by a group of multidisciplinary experts from different regions consisted of 3 panel discussions and 5 experimental sessions. The confab consists of a sum of five sessions joined by the researchers from India, China and Sri Lanka, whilst two sessions were joined by the scientists from the US, UK, Puerto Rico, who were linked through the video-link. The panel discussions were mainly participated by doctoral and postdoctoral scientists of physics, aerospace medicine, biology, soil engineering, earth sciences, phytology, and medical sciences. Over 300 experts of relevant disciplines participated at the event.

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