February 25, 2020
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    EU-Sri Lanka Investor Dialogue Launched

    August 29, 2014

    Last year alone the investment flow of FDI from EU countries to Sri Lanka accounted to 20%.  EU has invested in the field of Information Technology, Telecommunication and Higher technology, said Deputy Minister of Investment Promotion Faizer Mustapha.

    Deputy Minister Faizer Mustapha addressing the EU-Sri Lanka Investor Dialogue held  at the Auditorium of the Board of Investment in Sri Lanka on Wednesday (27).


    The Minister emphasized on the importance of creating a forum with the participation of EU, European Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka and the Investment Board of Sri Lanka to  find solutions to issues faced by the EU investors with regard to investing in Sri Lanka.  He said the EU Investor Dialogue was initiated for the reason that there was various quarters expressing the need for a platform that they could discuss issues to promote and enhance investments between Sri Lanka and the EU.


    The Minister also said that this dialogue will be held on the third week of each month with the participation of officers from the Ministries of Power and Energy, Finance and Planning, Environment and Renewable Energy, Petroleum Industries, Land and Land Development, Port and Highways as well as the Director General of Customs, Commissioner General of Inland Revenue to enable an instant and expeditious solution to the problems of the stakeholders.


    The event saw the participation of the Delegation Head of the European Union to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, Ambassador David Daly and Chairman of European Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka Dilipan Thyagaraja and Netherland's Ambassador LMW Piet.(KH)


















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