July 24, 2021
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    Ecuador and Haiti Try to Consolidate South - South Cooperation

    November 11, 2014

    Quito: This visit is one more step towards the consolidation of the South-South cooperation, assured the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, on the reception made in honor to his Haitian counterpart, Michel Martelly, in the Palace of Government of this capital Monday.

    During the greetings exchange before the local and international press, Correa aimed that Latin America owes Haiti very much, for having been the first nation of the subcontinent in achieving its independence.


    The Ecuadoran Head of State added that this small Caribbean nation, among the poorest of the world, is a sample of the neocolonialism that still continues, because free trade, he said, is free until it is convenient for the big powerful nations.


    "That's why Ecuador has always impelled the South - South cooperation," he stressed.


    Martelly for his part, was grateful to his host and the Ecuadoran people for the reception offered in his second official visit to the South American country from 2012, and anticipated his interest to reinforce the bilateral cooperation in topics of air transport, defense, among others.

    The visitor also had praise words for the brigade of the Engineers' Body of the Ecuadoran Army who was employed at the reconstruction of highways, schools and bridges after the devastating earthquake that suffered Haiti in January, 2010.

    "Thanks to this help, and although we should be a small country, they will always be able to be provided with a sincere cooperation from our part," expressed Martelly.


    After the welcome protocol ceremony, both Heads of State were present at the traditional change of the presidential guard that is done every Monday in the Square of the Independence of Quito, before starting the bilateral conversations.


    Among the topics to be talked for both delegations they are a basic agreement of scientific cooperation and current skill from 2012, and other related to the granting of united scholarships to Haitian students.


    As the Ecuadoran Foreign Ministry said in a bulletin, there are hopes that the visit of the Haitian President should allow to impel the presence of the Ecuador in the region of the Caribbean Sea, by means of the strengthening of the political, economic cooperation and the technical and humanitarian assistance with Port-au-Prince.


    Quito also wants to reinforce the support of Haiti to the Presidency Pro Tempore of the Community of the Latin-American and Caribbean States (Celac) that Ecuador will assume from January, 2015.


    Correa and Martelly intend to offer a joint press conference in the evening of this Monday, before the return of the Haitian chief to its country.(KH/PL)


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