September 27, 2022
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    Govt to maintain database on unruly drivers

    July 05, 2014

    The government is to compile a computer database of unruly drivers and suspend their licences if they accumulate too many negative marks, Transport Minister Kumara Welgama said yesterday.

    The database would be maintained by the courts, the Motor Traffic Department (MTD) and the Traffic Police, he said.

    Addressing the media, Mr. Welgama said the MTD was one of the most corrupt state i nstitutions, and a programme was underway to minimise corruption, red tape and provide a better service. “We have decided to prevent brokers, middlemen and outsiders from entering the department, as most of the corruption stems from them,” Mr. Welgama said.

    He said a pass system would be introduced to those who wish to obtain the services of the MTD and meet its officials, and the security staff, including the OIC, would be rotated on a monthly basis to prevent corruption.

    The Motor Traffic Act would also be amended to reduce the waiting period for driving licences from three to two months.
    Security safeguards like water marks and biometric data would also be added to new driving licences for easy data processing and value addition, he said.(SI)

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