July 23, 2019
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    CEB Superintendent invents shoes to safely negotiate concrete, wooden posts

    June 28, 2018

    An Electrical Superintendent has made a pair of iron shoes that could be used to safely and quickly climb concrete and wooden lamp posts. The inventor of this pair of iron shoes is Electrical Superintendent Nihal Samarakone attached to the Hatton Electricity Consumer Centre.

    Speaking to the Daily News, Samarakone said currently Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) workers use ladders to access power lines, which is a hassle to transport and is also dangerous. He added that a worker could climb a post at the same speed of walking with the help of these shoes.

    “There are certain places where it is hard to transport a ladder which would also require several persons to carry it. On the contrary, this new invention weights a mere kilogram and it also offers safety for the CEB worker, while allowing him greater access to work comfortably for longer periods. A worker has to stand on the ladder and this sometimes causes numbness in his legs. This also limits the time he can stand on the ladder. However, this new device makes it easier on his feet and prevents such difficulties,” Samarakone said.

    He said measures have been taken to apply for a patent for this new invention. Samarakone also has around 30-40 other patents for various inventions. His latest product is the only patent obtained for a food substance which is sold under the brand name ‘Sarva Posha’. It is a cereal produced using the pulses and grains, especially indigenous rice varieties that have proven health benefits. “These grains are not simply used and we extract the highest nutritional values using the maximum energy methods and this cereal is an excellent source of nutrition,” he added.

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