September 30, 2023
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    While paying gratitude to the general public for the overwhelming support they extended towards the near successful control of spread of COVID-19 in the country, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, Head, National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO), Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army appealed the general public to continue their COVID-19 preventive health practices further using face masks, keeping social distancing, hand washing, etc until further instructions are received from health authorities.

    During a special search operation conducted in northern sea area, the Navy managed to apprehend 02 persons attempting to smuggle 295kg (in wet weight) of tobacco products (beedi) in the wee hours on 26th June 2020.

    Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (SLEME) troops of the Army adding a milestone to the annals of Army inventions handed over the SLEME-produced 9 modernized Unibuffels (improved version of Unicorns), one recovery vehicle and 3 containers to the shippers for passage to the Combat Convoy Company (CCC) of the Sri Lankan UN Peace-Keepers serving in Mali, a landlocked nation in West Africa, affected by ethnic strifes.

    The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) has taken measures to commence the second stage of the compensation payments to the depositors of The Finance Company PLC (TFC) with effect from 02.07.2020. Accordingly, such payments will be taken place at 63 branches of the People’s Bank Island wide. In terms of this compensation mechanism Rs. 600,000/- is paid per depositor basis.

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