December 11, 2019
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    Need to overcome the divisions and mistrust instilled in us - CBK

    January 01, 2017

    As we celebrate the dawn of a New Year, it is time for us to remind ourselves that two years ago we, the people of Sri Lanka, demonstrated in no uncertain terms our political acumen and maturity by peacefully electing a President and in August the same year, a Government comprising the coalition of two major political parties committed to Good Governance and an equitable and just society.

    But we need to overcome the divisions and mistrust instilled in us and create a society that makes diversity a source of wealth and strength. Both our President and our Prime Minister have committed themselves to restore to the people the Rule of Law and Good Governance and to build a Nation in which every citizen will enjoy equal rights and live with dignity in a united and just Sri Lanka.


    I wish the people success in your efforts to achieve the goals of building an inclusive, plural society where every citizen will be proud to choose this country as the one in which they build their futures in.


    I wish all Sri Lankans a peaceful, healthy, happy and productive 2017!

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