December 08, 2019
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    Present situation left for us to find amicable solutions within ourselves - Counsel

    November 29, 2018

    The United National Party’s move to submit a motion seeking to halt financial allocations to the new Cabinet is unlawful, legal experts said.Senior Counsel Kanishka Vitharana said the United National Party was set to submit a motion in Parliament on November 30 seeking to halt financial allocations to the new Cabinet, a move which he refers to as being unlawful.

    “How can the UNP, which is the Opposition now, file a motion in Parliament,” he queried. “Only a MP from the ruling party has the right to file such motions”. He said adding that there was already a Finance Minister capable enough to make those decisions.A vote is reported to be taken up today on the curtailment of expenditure for the Office of the Prime Minister. In addition to this, the UNP is also in the process of moving a motion on Friday to curtail all funds allocated to the new Cabinet.

    “There is no provision for a member of the opposition to move such a motion in parliament. There is no clause in the standing orders which allows for such motions to be upheld,” he said. “How can Parliament convene when there is a Stay Order which demands that the status quo of parliament be stayed. They cannot even hold sittings.”
    He added that judiciary and legislature are both on a collision course and will be in direct conflict with each other if Parliament continues to support such motions and proceedings.
    Convener of the Forum of International Studies former Ambassador to UAE and Israel Sarath Wijesinghe said that present situation left for us to find amicable solutions within ourselves without allowing international vultures to make our nation a playground for their benefit
    He further added that It is accepted that the Nation is going through a crisis situation due to the deadlock of the draft, and implementation of the living Supreme Law of the Island enacted replacing eighteenth amendment to the constitution certified on 19th September 2010 from the principal enactment by President J R Jayewardene transforming the Westminster modelled 1972 republican Constitution to a mixture of Parliamentary and a Presidential form government. Sri Lanka – then Ceylon was granted independence on 4th February 1948, and the universal suffrage was enjoyed by the citizen until today uninterrupted as a model democracy in Asia, until the hastily drafted and horridly passed 19th Amendment to the 1978 Constitution was passed and implemented which is the main cause and the curse to the nation.
    The main limbs of the governance are fighting with each other when the citizen is helplessly watching the unfortunate happenings. Parliament is at a deadlock; with the government machinery is uncertain o the next steps. Citizen is waiting for the most waited Supreme Court decision waiting for elections they were denied of for years. Now we are in trouble due to internal and external interventions and it is time and our duty to resolve this by ourselves without external interference and intervention. Citizen is clamouring a general election when the franchise is denied by postponing all other elections! - the main demand of the day technically denied by the Supreme Court injunction due to be adjudicated by a full bench in due course.

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