November 30, 2020
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    Over 50,000 dengue cases, 56 deaths last year

    January 08, 2019

    A total of 50,163 dengue cases and 56 dengue deaths were reported countrywide upto December 31 last year,Epidemiology Unit sources said.According to the sources, the highest number of dengue cases, 10,051 had been reported from the Colombo district while the second highest number, 5604 was from the Gampaha district. The third highest number of dengue cases, 4,817 had been reported from the Baticaloa district.

    The Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) reported a total of 2,430 dengue cases during the same period. A total of 7,621 dengue cases were recorded from other parts of the Colombo district while the total number of dengue cases reported from the Western Province was 18,651, epidemiologists said. Meanwhile, medical experts and Consultants advise the public to seek medical treatment without delay for any type of fever without applying home remedies.
    The National Dengue Control Unit instruct the public to keep the environment clean and free of dengue mosquito breeding sites. Special attention should be paid to construction sites, religious places, schools etc. At least 30 minutes per week should be allocated to clean all mosquito breeding sites. Relevant technical advice can be obtained from all PHIs MOHs, it said.

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