December 01, 2020
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    Special investigation on ATM frauds

    February 07, 2019

    The police media spokesperson & Superintendant of Police , Ruwan Gunasekera had told the media, that the police department has launched a special investigation about the persons those who are loitering near the ATM Machines in an unnecessarily manner .Also the police media spokesperson had urged from the General Public, to informed the police , that if they know about any information about the suspicious persons those who are loitering around ATM Machines without any proper reason .

    He had also stated that the general public should be aware of the suspicious individuals and should informed about such person's or their activities to the nearest police station.The decision was taken by the police department, after revealing of the large number of financial frauds which happened in the past few month's ago via ATM machines.The incidents were occurred in the premises of the ATM Machines which located in several private and government sector banks.

    According to the police media, Ruwan Gunasekera, the officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department too , has launched a special investigation related to the same incidents.However, it was further enlighten that some of the suspects those who are engaged with the frauds related to the ATM Machines , had done it in a very scuttle manner ,without being captured from the CCTV camera’s which were installed in the premises of the said ATM Machines.

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