February 24, 2020
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    Elections Commission on applications for Postal Vote Featured

    August 20, 2019

    The Election Commission issuing a notice yesterday (19) requested the applicants who require postal voting facility for the Presidential Election 2020 to keep the relevant information required to fill the postal vote application in possession. The relevant information include applicant’s administrative district, the name and the letter denoting the polling area, number of the polling division, Grama Niladhari division, name of the village/street, full name of the applicant, serial number assigned to the applicant’s name and NIC number, as recorded in the voters registry 2018.

    The Election Commission observes that such preparedness will prevent any delays when applying for the postal votes. The said information can be derived from the respective Grama Niladhari, district election office or from the receipt which includes the details of the applicant as appeared in the 2018 voters registry provided by Grama Niladhari or the counting officer along with the enumeration form.
    The state officers who would be engaged in election duties, officers and servants engaged in essential services, personnel of three services, police and civil defense force engaged in security duties in all over the island can apply for the postal voting facility.

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