December 03, 2022
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    President attends Annual Bora Conference

    September 04, 2019

    President Maithripala Sirisena says it is a necessity at present to unite all without religious and ethnic differences to achieve peace while eliminating poverty. The President extending his greetings to the World Annual Bora Conference said that the teachings of the Great Muhammad also contain the same message, stated the President’s Media Division.

    The Annual Bora Conference commenced at the Bora Masjid in Colombo and it will be held for the next 10 days. The President, who visited the conference hall today extended his greetings.President Sirisena further said that it is an honour for Sri Lanka to hold this Bora Conference as the Bora community is committed to ensure peace.

    This year’s conference is being held in Sri Lanka with the participation of 21,000 Bohra Muslims from 40 countries under the theme of “We Believe in Sri Lanka”. Around 18,500 Bohras from foreign countries participate in this event. About 2,500 Sri Lankan Bohras are also participating in the event.The aim of this conference is to strengthen the peace and trust between Sri Lankan religious groups and people of all communities. It also aims to tell the world that Sri Lanka is a good country for tourism and trade.

    It is estimated that Sri Lanka has received US $ 31 million in foreign exchange by holding this conference.A similar gathering was held in Sri Lanka in year 2007 and around 7000 people attended at that conference.Parliamentarian Faizar Musthafa, Deputy IPG C.D. Wickramarathna and several others were also present on this occasion with President.

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