February 26, 2020
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    Students will get school uniforms next term Featured

    November 27, 2019

    The third term for 2019 is expected to end in three more days, but it is sad to note that measures had not been taken to provide school uniforms for 2020 before this term ends. The entire responsibility for this lapse should be accepted by the Education Ministry, the Education Ministry said in a media release. The Presidential Commission had received complaints regarding the Government’s decision to award vouchers instead of the uniform material, which had cost the Government extra funds. However, there was no decision taken on whether the uniform material or vouchers would be given in the future.

    As a result, as vouchers had been given instead of uniform material the previous year, the previous Government had presented a Cabinet paper to issue vouchers for 2020 as well, but no decision had been taken. Therefore, Education Minister Dallas Alahapperuma said the Cabinet would be notified of this situation at today’s (27) Cabinet meeting and measures would be taken to provide school uniforms at the beginning of the term in 2020.He said he would take full responsibility regarding this decision.


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