November 28, 2020
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    No more ear-splitting music in buses from Jan. 01

    December 25, 2019

    The government, based on a recent survey has decided to put an end to the noise pollution in passenger buses from January 1, 2020. The Passenger Transport Management Ministry had set relevant guidelines. Under the new regulations, both private and state-owned buses would be banned from playing music. A volume limit too will be imposed.

    The National Transport Commission has, following a survey conducted using 1,500 people from diverse cultures, found that most of the buses cause immense difficulties to passengers by playing loud music.The Commission has also found songs that are not suitable to be played in public places.

    Following the recommendations of Passenger Transport Management Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has recommended a list of songs which could be played while transporting passengers from January.The Passenger Transport Management Ministry said that it would be done as a part of the government’s efforts to prevent noise pollution in buses.


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