March 31, 2020
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    Speaker announced:Forensic audit report on Central Bank bondwill be tabled

    January 21, 2020

    Speaker Karu Jayasuriya said that the forensic audit report on the Central Bank bond scam will be tabled in the Parliament.The Speaker announced this when the Parliament convened at 1.00 pm today (21).The forensic audit report on the Central Bank bond scam was previously received by the Parliament and the Speaker has taken measures to abstain from releasing the aforesaid to Members of Parliament (MPs) upon the instruction of the Attorney General.

    At the meeting of the Party Leaders and Political Party Representatives held at parliament on the 13th of January, parliamentarians have requested that the audit reports be released to them as soon as possible.Accordingly, the Speaker was due to make a final decision on releasing the relevant report to the MPs.


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