June 07, 2023
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    (Dr.) V. Radhakrishnan, Member of Parliament appointed as the Chair to the Sectoral Oversight Committee on Education

    March 27, 2023

    Hon. (Dr.) V. Radhakrishnan, Member of Parliament was appointed as the Chair to the Sectoral Oversight Committee on Committee on Education recently (21) in Parliament.

    The first meeting of the said Committee was held yesterday. Accordingly, Hon. Sivagnanam Shritharan, Member of Parliament proposed the name of the Chair and Hon. (Ms.) Rohini Kumari Wijerathna, Member of Parliament seconded it.

    Member of Parliament Hon. (Dr.) V. Radhakrishnan mentioned that he has an understanding in this regard because he has worked as a former Minister of State for Education. Therefore, he said that he hopes to do the best possible through this committee.

    Moreover, since this Committee is of a wide field, two sub-committees were appointed as the Higher Education and Research Sub-Committee and the Skill Development and Vocational Training Sub-Committee.

    Members of Parliament Hon. Wimalaweera Dissanayake, Hon. Sanjeeva Edirimanna, Hon. Kulasingham Thilipan, Hon. Asanka Navaratne, Hon. Mudita Prishanthi de Soyza, Hon. Mayadunna Chinthaka Amal, Hon. (Ms.) Manjula Dissanayake and Hon. (Prof.) Charitha Herath were present at the Committee meeting held.

    Mr. Tikiri K. Jayathilake Assistant Secretary-General of Parliament was also present.





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