February 06, 2023
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    Religious Ceremonies in Matara to invoke blessings on the President Featured

    March 26, 2014

    The chanting of Jaya Pirith took place at the Sri Vishnu Devale premises at Devinuwara in Matara to invoke blessings on the President and the country on Monday.

    The chanting of Jaya Pirith was organized to invoke blessings on the President and the Government as well as the entire country to proceed towards becoming the Miracle of Asia defeating conspiracies staged in Geneva against the Motherland with the participation of 1000 members of the Maha Sangha of the Matara District. Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa who joined in this Pinkama also secured blessings.

    Before participating in the Jaya Piritha, the President engaged in religious observance at the Devinuwara Raja Maha Vihare. The President who called on the Chief Incumbent of the Vihare and Anunayakae of the Sri Kalyanawansa Maha Nikaya, the Ven. Devnudara Siri Sunanda Thera, made inquiries into his well being and offered Pirikara.


    The President declared open the Sri Vishnu Devale which has been reconstructed with copper tiles. Thereafter the President opened the Cloud Wall built around the Vishnu Devale sacred premises to invoke merits on the President’s parents Late D.A.Rajapaksa and Mrs.Dandina Samarasinghe Dissanayake.


    President Rajapaksa also symbolically handed over assistance to some monks who are pursuing studies in Pirivenas within the Matara District. A large crowd from the Matara District converged on the Sri Vishnu Devale premises.


    Several members of the Maha Sangha including the Mahanayake of the Sri Rohana Chapter the Most Ven.Gombaddala Nandarama Thera, Parliamentarians and a large gathering were present on the occasion.


    Meanwhile, Islamic religious observances were also  held in Matara to invoke blessings on the President to surmount all challenges confronting the country.


    The President visited the Mohideen Jumma Mosque at Godapitiya during his visit to Matara and participated in the prayers offered at the Mosque. Moulavi N.R. Ashroff offered blessings to the President. The President also seized the opportunity of exchanging pleasantries with Islamic devotees who gathered near the Mosque.


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