October 23, 2018


    Responsibility of public servants to serve the public with utmost commitment – President’s Secretary Featured

    January 02, 2018

    Secretary to the President, Austin Fernando emphasized the responsibilities of public servants to serve the masses with utmost efficiency, transparency, honesty and commitment.


    Addressing the staff members of the Presidential Secretariat this morning, he said that public servants should totally commit to implement the policies of the government in accordance with public service regulations in a transparent manner. He pointed out that the public servants are duty bound to serve the public.


    Underlining the importance of working in absolute cooperation with other branches of the government service, he urged the staff members to join hands to enhance the efficiency of the public service from the fist working day of this new year.


    Secretary to the President unfurled the National Flag at the commencement of the function held at the lawns of the Presidential secretariat. After all the staff members took a pledge of Public Service, Mr. Fernando addressed the gathering.

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