November 20, 2019
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    Govt expanded its diplomatic outreach Featured

    August 06, 2014

    Deputy Minister of External Affairs Neomal Perera told Parliament today that the government had expanded number of its diplomatic missions while other countries were shutting down theirs.

    The Deputy Minister participating in a debate on a motion moved by the Opposition at the time of adjournment of the House said the motion had been brought up by those who criticized and disrespected the country and its security forces during the times of war against terrorism. “We are not ready to accept the accusations leveled at the country’s Foreign Service. Those accusations and allegations are based on nothing but on malice and jealousy. Country’s Foreign Service is functioning properly and progressing ahead,” the minister said.

    “The Opposition members accuse us of having political appointees in the Foreign Service. It is so unfortunate that they overlook the fact that political appointees were there since the beginning of Foreign Service. Though the Opposition tries to find fault with us, I would like to remind them that all those names of political appointees had been approved by the Committee on High Posts which has opposition’s representatives too. These political appointees have rendered a yeoman service to the Foreign Service,” the minister added. (Special Reporter/HC)

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