October 18, 2019
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    Transportation sector to embrace digital technology

    September 20, 2018

    Minister of Transportation and Civil Aviation Nimal Siripala De Silva assured that the country’s transportation sector will undergo major changes in the coming months in keeping with the developments in digital technology that is transforming and revolutionizing global transportation.

    Speaking at the Chattered Institute of Logistics and Transportation CILT International Conference 2018 in Colombo yesterday the minister said the long awaited digital card which would replace the traditional issuing of bus tickets will be a reality within the next five to six months.

    “We have been dilly dallying too long on this card which is used across many countries in the neibouhood. We were to launch a single card for banking, driving license and other online transaction. However up to now we could not produce a single card,” De Silva said.

    The ministry with the National Transportation Commission has developed an online bus seat reservation system and GPS monitoring system to track the location and movement of buses. ‘The e-motoring project to put an end to long queues at the Department of Motor Traffic to obtain license will be ready by six month time. This is my innovation to ease the burden of people having to go all the way to the department to obtain license,” the minister said.

    He said the digital gates at the BIA with traveler information will be through within the next six months to ease the congestion at the airport. There will be no need for anyone to be at the mercy of immigration officials who always look serious and lack a smile.

    “We have about 30-35 seats at the immigration counters but have only around 5-7 officials to assist in the immigration. We have been discussing the digital passport concept in parliament for the past three years but have failed to produce a single up to now. Our airports are second to none in the world. The latest radar systems will be purchased to enhance monitoring efficiency.

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