July 24, 2019
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    Water Supply to Vavuniya District be increased by 30%

    August 20, 2018

    ‘’When I took over the Ministry of City Planning and water supply, only 5% of the population of the Vavuniya District provided with drinking water. During my tenure of office several water supply projects have been carried out to increase it by 30% ‘’said, Rauff Hakeem Minister of Water supply and city planning and the Leader of the Muslim Congress at a meeting held in Mankulam Primary school in Vavuniya on Thursday(16) .

    Minister Hakeem declared opened water purification centers in pawatkulam, Anaivilunthan, periyaulukulam, Eecchankulam, Nandimithragama, Bogaswewa and Katkulam and commenced constructions of tube wells in Chinacippikulam and initiated laying of pipe lines to Sooduwendapulavu, Rajendrakulam and pattanicchoor areas.

    Further he said,to avert the climatic disasters a comprehensive programme was initiated by the UNDP and 2000 million was allocated to provide water supply to 15 villages in the Vavuniya District. It is the first in Sri Lanka to construct a Lake to collect water for drinking purpose and the work is on progress. Across Malwattu Oya a gigantic water supply project is being constructed by a Chinese Firm to provide water to Vavuniya .

    Another large water supply scheme was opened last year in Mannar by Prime Minister Ranil Wikremesinghe. A cabinet paper is to be prepared to provide water for Musali in Mannar worth of 4750 million, from Viyayadi Lake. When this project is implemented people in Musali would get pure water. I have planned to provide pure drinking water for Pilgrims of Madhu church. President has instructed me to convene a meeting with treasury officials for this purpose the minister further said.

    Northern provincial council Member S.H.M.Niyas, former vanni District Parliamenterians             Muthalif Bawa Farook and Hunais Farook, pradeshiya Sabha Member M.Mahir, Northern Province, water Supply and Drainage Board General Manger, Barathidasan and several others participated at the events.


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