October 23, 2018


    CEA to strictly enforce polythene ban

    January 03, 2018

    The Central Environmental Authority (CEA) reiterated the complete ban of manufacturing, selling, possessing and using polythene food wrapping sheets, bags and rigifoam boxes, which came into effect on 1st January this year.


    The CEA will thereafter take strict legal action against persons who are involved in the using of polythene products in order to support the government's endeavour of creating a polythene free environment.


    Accordingly, consumers should use pollution free compostable and biodegradable food wrapping sheets and bags that get composted within 180 days in an industrial composting unit.


    CEA Chairman Prof. Lal Dharmasiri said although the decision of banning the use of polythene was taken by the government last September, it was postponed for another three months due to several requests made by manufacturers.


    Dharmasiri said as the initial step, from now onwards the CEA will check polythene manufacturers, distributors and persons who are keeping large stocks of polythene products in their possession.


    “Our officials will also visit traders, hoteliers, grocery shops, pharmacies and restaurants who defy the law by keeping polythene wrapping papers and bags in their possession.”

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