November 30, 2020
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    State vehicles are not exempted from the carbon tax

    January 17, 2019

    The Carbon Tax, which came into effect from January this year, is applicable to all vehicles and the registered owners of every motor vehicle specified in the Act will have to pay this levy. Only the electric vehicles are exempted from the Carbon Tax, but all other vehicles including the State owned vehicles are liable for the carbon tax.

    The Ministry of Finance and Mass Media wishes to emphasize that there is no truth in the news, reported in the media that all State owned vehicles are exempted from the carbon tax.

    According to the Finance Act No. 35 of 2018 the registered owner of any relevant vehicle shall pay the carbon tax for every year, other than for the first year of the registration at the time of renewal of the annual registration of the vehicle.

    The carbon tax is levied under three categories as follows based on each Cubic Centimeter capacity.

    Type of vehicle

    Less than 5 years

    5 to 10 years

    Over 10 years


    25 Cts per cm3

    50 Cts per cm3

    Rs. 1.00 per cm3


    50 Cts per cm3

    Rs 1.00 per cm3

    Rs 1.50 per cm3

    Passenger bus

    Rs. 1,000/=

    Rs. 2,000/=

    Rs. 3,000/=

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