December 16, 2019
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    Army Chief cautions against unconfirmed information in social media Featured

    May 12, 2019

    Sri Lanka Army Commander Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake says that the threat of more Islamic militant attacks has been contained and security services had dismantled most of the network linked to the Easter Sunday bomb attacks. He added that the investigators have established that the plotters had links to the Islamic State but the authorities were trying to establish how deep those contacts were.

    The Army Chief also said that there is no truth in various information posted on social media networks and requested the general public not to trust the information in social media He made these remarks in a special statement to the National Television Rupavahini yesterday.

    The Army Commander said the top layer of the lone extremist network committed suicide and most of the second layer leaders, about 75 percent of the list of the suspects have been arrested by the police or the security forces. "We are working to find and identify the peripheral parties who were involved in the attacks," he said.

    He said there is a definitely a link to the ISIS since the extremists have the almost same ideology as the ISIS. They are conducting investigations to find the depth of this link, he said."This is a matter of ideology. It is not terrorism that they are asking for land, they are not asking for any objects as such �in that case you always could find a 'lone wolf'. So that is not easy to handle in a society whether it is in Sri Lanka or anywhere," he said

    He said the Sri Lanka situation is controllable and it is contained with the arrest of number of hardcore people. He requested the general public to let the armed forces to handle the security situations and get back to their daily routine.


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