February 05, 2023
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      Ella-Kantale Troops Reap Their Paddy Harvest During Ceremony

    February 26, 2021

    Ella-Kantale-based 1 Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps (SLAGSC) troops-sown paddy fields reaped their first bountiful harvest on Saturday (20) during a harvesting programme, held in keeping with age-long traditions, rites and rituals, associated with paddy-harvesting.

    Those fields, tilled, ploughed and sown by 1 SLAGSC troops in line with the ‘Thuru Mithuru-Nawa Ratak’ project of the Commander of the Army produced adequate harvest as a result of proper management, conducted by the troops well over four months at a stretch.

    Officers and Other Ranks of the I SLAGSC detachment took close care of the crops and actively joined the typical harvesting ceremony, consequent upon arrangements, put in place by Major A.C Prasanna, Officer Commanding of the 1 SLAGSC Detachment at Ella - Kantale.

    Lieutenant Colonel C.S Demuni, Commanding Officer, I SLAGSC as the Chief Guest joined the harvesting ceremony and began reaping paddy with others in the company of Officers and Other Ranks after brief religious observances. The entire process of reaping, stacking, threshing, grinding and cooking of the harvest was exhibited at the location with live demonstrations, presented by I SLAGSC troops, a rare spectacle indeed. The replica of a ‘Govi Gedara’ (typical farmer’s house) in a rural village, erected by the troops was also on exhibition at the venue.

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